Lamb Cutting Guide

Whole Lamb To joint a lamb, first find the top of the pelvic girdle, just above the hip joints as this is where the hind quarters are seperated from the rest of the body.
Remove Hind Quarter Remove hind quarters
Remove Chump  Split hind quarters in half and remove lower knuckle joint. Then seperate the chump from the leg as shown.
Bone Chump Trim and bone out the chump.
Finished Chump Giving the finished boneeless chump. or rump of Lamb.
Remove Breasts
Remove the breasts in a straight line parallel with the back of the Lamb, starting from the top of the chest just under the elbow joint.
Remove Shoulders  Remove shoulders by cutting between the sixth and seventh ribs down from the neck end of the carcass.
Boning shoulders After removing the neck, bone out the shoulders from the ribs and spine.
Finished Shoulders Leaving the finished shoulder joints
DSCF0460 Seperate the saddle from the best end/rack, remove kidneys and trim off extraneous fat.
Saddle done Leaving the finished saddle and the best end/rack.
To french trim the racks, first remove by sawing down either side of the spine.
Remove the spnie leaving the two racks.
DSCF0392  Trim, mark out finished proportions and remove excess outer skin and fat.
DSCF0394 Trim out intercostal muscles between ribs.
Remove any further excess trim, and outer parchment like skin to leave a french trimmed rack of Lamb.
Whole Lamb Done Whole Lamb Done!