Pig Cutting Guide

Whole Pig Split the pig into three main sections: the Leg, the Middle and the Shoulder.
Leg Middle and Shoulder The shoulder is removed at the fourth rib from the neck end of the carcass
Remove Shoulder  
Remove Leg The leg is removed just above the top of the pelvic girdle or aitch bone.
Leg Middle and Shoulder This leaves the central section, the Middle
Remove Fore Hock
To process the shoulder, first the fore hock is removed and then the rest of the shoulder split into the crop and the hand sections.
Split into Crop and Hand  
Rolled Shoulder Done Hand and Crop are both boned; the rind is scored and the joints are then rolled and tied.
Pig Leg

To process the leg, first the rear Hock is removed at the knee joint:
remove aitch bone Then the aitch bone  is taken out
Remove Topside of Pork The Topside of pork is then removed by cutting down the femur from the hip joint to the knee and then seaming out
Trim and split quadracep
The remaining Silverside is then trimmed and the quadricep muscle is split and flattened to give an even shape to the joint
Score and Roll Leg joints
The the rind is scored and the joints are then rolled and tied.
Rolled Leg of Pork Done  
Middle of Pork The middle of pork is the Loin and Belly section which lies between the Leg and Shoulder.
Remove Kidney and Flair Fat
To process the middle, first remove the kidney and flair fat
Trimmed Loin and Belly The middle is then split into the loin and belly
Trimmed Loin and Belly
And trimmed to give the finished products

Whole Pig Jointed