Our beef wholesaler selects only top quality local beef for us from small beef herds.  Our beef is primarily chosen for quality and conformation and the breeds selected can vary but often include British Blue, Aberdeen Angus and Dexter beef plus rare breed crosses.

We dry hang carcasses for increased intensity of flavour and butcher in both the traditional British manner and using Continental style seam butchery.

Our popular cuts of beef include roasting joints such as Topside, Silverside, Rolled Back Rib, Fore Rib and Sirloin.

We offer a range of braising cuts such as Thick Flank, Blade and Chuck.

For pot roasting/ slow cooking we suggest Brisket, Silverside, Blade, Rolled Chuck or Short Rib.

For a special meal we have Fillet, T-Bone, Sirloin and Rump steaks, and more unusual varieties of steak like Pichana, Hip Steak, Onglet, Bavette, and our incredibly popular Flat Iron steaks. Seamed out from the infra spinatus muscle in the Fore Quarter these are extremely tender and juicy steaks at an affordable price.

To see how we butcher a hind quarter of beef see our cutting guide section.