Our purchasing policy means that whenever possible we buy locally from suppliers that we know personally and trust. From the free range pig farmer to the director of the local abattoir we believe that good suppliers are people who are passionate about the food they produce, and who understand that the best meat comes from healthy, happy livestock, raised with care, slaughtered sympathetically and presented with care.

By buying in whole and part carcasses we can keep quality control at the fore, cutting and rolling everything by hand and making sure that all of our joints are well trimmed and ready to use.

Our beef is sourced from across the East Anglia region and is hand selected for us by our suppliers H G Blake for quality and depth of flavour, we choose native breeds of beefcattle which are sourced from East Anglia thus minimising food miles.

Cows and SwansAll of HG Blake East Anglian Prime Beef comes from local farms across East Anglia. Utilising the natural beauty and rich fertile grazing, synonymous with the area for centuries, and marrying traditional grazing with the production of premium livestock.

Sustainable livestock production in these areas of outstanding natural beauty has been a feature of the landscape for centuries.

Our Beef Producers implement strict welfare rules,and are part of the Quality Standard Scheme. Quality Standard Beef is produced to higher standards than required by law from a supply chain which is fully assured and independently inspected at every stage. The EBLEX Quality Standard beef scheme includes additional requirements, which are above current commercial and legal standards applicable to the production of beef.

We buy the finest lamb twice weekly direct from both Suffolk and Smithfield Market in London.



We use Blytheburgh Pork the finest free range pork producers in East Anglia and used by some of the top chefs in the Country. Blytheburgh Pork’s beautiful flavour comes from the breeds used, great animal health and welfare, naturally balanced nutrition and a stress-free environment. The pork products from Blytheburgh Pork are processed locally, using trusted, established partners, to provide a strict provenance.

Our suppliers, H G Blake, hand select gilt pigs to our specifications choosing those with enough cover to keep the meat really moist during cooking enabling the fantastic depth of flavour. A reminder of how good pork can taste!


We stock free range chickens produced by Fosse Meadows Farm.  Fosse Meadows farm rears" traditional free-range chicken for the table, using three strains of a french breed and growing them to a minimum of 81 days. By giving the bird some age (two weeks longer than Organic standards) results in darker, more textured meat with real flavour. The birds are kept in mobile sheds overnight and have free-access to the fields and farmland during the day, free-ranging on clover-rich pastures, free from any pesticides. Being slow-grown in small flocks means that the birds live their lives naturally and really do roam all over the fields, unlike mass production systems. We also stock high quality barn reared standard chickens from Diaper Poultry.

We can supply not only seasonal game such as Pheasants, Partridge and Duck, but Venison and Rabbit all year as available.

At Christmas we sell only free range whole turkeys from A.P. Burlton and Sons of Meldreth, and Free Range Geese from George Munns farm at Chatteris.

We also keep a good stock of Chorizo, Morcilla and other Spanish delicacies directly imported from Salamanca and Asturias by Azahar Spanish foods.