About us

Jon at The Art of Meat 2

We are now starting our seventh year of trading, here at the Art of Meat and thankfully we are still enjoying continued success with our range of novel and contemporary products made from the finest locally sourced meats.

Our unique selling point is that we provide all the traditional skills of the family butchers but to combine them with novel technical food design to create gourmet meat products with an innovative twist from the best locally sourced livestock.

After leaving a career in Molecular Biology, owner Jon West has created a modern take on the traditional butcher's shop. His enthusiasm for the best quality local produce is complimented by the talents of his colleagues. Resident Master Butcher Brian has over 40 years of experience in the trade, both as a Butcher and at all levels of the meat industry, including delivering NVQs to apprentices.

By remaining a purely retail butchers shop we can to maintain our high standards of quality, sourcing the best local meats and using free range produce whenever possible.


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