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Our purchasing policy means that whenever possible we buy locally from suppliers that we know personally and trust. From the free range pig farmer to the director of the local abattoir we believe that good suppliers are people who are passionate about the food they produce, and who understand that the best meat comes from healthy, happy livestock, raised with care, slaughtered sympathetically and presented with care.

By buying in whole and part carcasses we can keep quality control at the fore, cutting and rolling everything by hand and making sure that all of our joints are well trimmed and ready to use.

Our Suppliers


A fourth generation farm specialising in free-range and very slow-grown poultry production using compassionate methods, to grow the very best bird using the highest welfare.


HG Blake is Norfolk's best independent family owned multi-species abattoir specialising in sustainably produced beef.


The Butler family have a vision to establish a pig farm that consistently delivers pork excellence.  They believe to get the best pork you need to put the pig first, but in order to do that you need to be the right kind of people with the right core values.


Founded over 40 years ago,

Broadland Hams is Norfolk’s premier award winning producer of specialist Ham, Bacon and Sausages.


Third-generation family run business based in the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds renown for quality award winning sausages and ham. 


A small independent Spanish and English family business specialising in importing the finest products from across Spain. 


Founded in 1959,  Fenland's Munns & Son farm keep an annual flock of Christmas geese ( fed on an additive free ), along with their famous goose and duck fat.


Third-generation family run business based in the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds renown for quality award winning sausages and ham. 


An independent farm in Meldreth, Burlton family have bean rearing turkeys since 1966. Their animal friendly techniques include open-sided spacious barns, plenty of fresh air and grassy paddocks in which to roam, result in delicious tasting meat.


Winners of Great Taste and Golden Fork Awards, Mr Duck's traditional duck confit is produced from free range and 100% naturally fed Mulard ducks reared in France. 


Winners of the National Quality Chicken Awards, family owned Diaper Poultry is Suffolk's finest producer of quality poultry, bacon, ham and gammon.

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