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"Shopping at The Art of Meat is an absolute pleasure.

I know that I am getting the best quality and most sustainable meat,  but what makes it all the more enjoyable to buy from this butcher is the friendly service.  There is always time to discuss the provenance of the meat, how it is prepared or to order special cuts if I need them and everything is done with a smile and great efficiency.  I can wholeheartedly recommend the team and the quality of the produce." 

Adam, Cambridge customer

"Simply irresistible and with loads of flavour, I keep on coming back for more. Kudos for the conveniently introduced ready-to-cook products like the flavoursome chicken skewers, perfect for a summer BBQ. Highly  recommended." 

Marta, Cambridge customer

"'s a good warm feeling knowing that Cambridge has a butcher as good as these guys." 

Mark, Cambridge customer

" I cannot recommend The Art of Meat highly enough.

The quality of the produce, the knowledge of the staff, and their helpfulness and genuine kindness are second to none. We no longer buy meat from the supermarkets - a soulless event in both the purchasing and the eating.

Jon and his team have made a massive difference to having confidence to cook and enjoy sitting down to eat simple, tasty, and wholesome meals."

Alexander, Cambridge customer

" The Art of Meat is a superb friendly butcher shop hidden away well off the beaten track in a corner of Arbury Court Shopping Centre.  Jon sells mostly locally produced, and often organic, meat products that are expertly prepared before your eyes if you have the time.  A great range of meat joints, ready-prepared meat treats, and home-made sausages to suit all (meat-eater) tastes. Service in the shop always makes one feel valued and it's such a pleasure to buy from a knowledgeable artisan that also gives you - if you want it - advice on cooking times and temperatures, and on suitable herbs and marinades.   I have never had a piece of meat from this shop that has been described as anything less than succulent, tasty, and tender.  Highly recommended."

Geoff, Cambridge customer

" Large choice of quality meat. Homemade kebabs and marinated meat ideal for barbecue. Amazing merguez. So happy with my local butcher."

Jordan, Cambridge customer

"I've been coming to the Art of Meat for quite a while, well over a year now, and I keep coming back due to the high quality of all products and excellent customer service! I honestly cannot imagine a better butcher's shop. Jon and his staff are always happy to help. I guarantee anyone going there will always leave with a smile."

Razvan-Ioan Dinita, PhD, Cambridge customer

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