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The farm rears traditional free-range chicken for the table, using three strains of a French breed and growing them to a minimum of 81 days. By giving the bird some age (two weeks longer than Organic standards) results in darker, more textured meat with real flavour.


The birds are kept in mobile sheds overnight and have free-access to the fields and farmland during the day, free-ranging on clover-rich pastures, free from any pesticides. Being slow-grown in small flocks means that the birds live their lives naturally and really do roam all over the fields, unlike mass production systems.

We also stock high quality barn reared standard chickens from Diaper Poultry in Suffolk.


Nick Ball and Jacob Sykes, Owners, Fosse Meadows

"You are what you eat and the same can be said for our birds, which eat ethically sourced cereals free from routine antibiotics, any additives and growth hormones.

Our selection includes


Kashmiri Chicken Kebabs


Chicken Crowns (boneless chicken legs stuffed with sausage and wrapped in bacon)


Free Range Fosse Meadows Farm Chicken

We can also supply seasonal game such as pheasants, partridge and duck.

At Christmas we sell only free range whole turkeys from A.P. Burlton and Sons of Meldreth, and free range geese from Munns Geese.

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