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Alongside our standard sausage -  the Hobson's Choice - favoured by the renowned food critic Mathew Fort, we  stock all of the usual products you would expect to find in a butcher’s shop, from traditional Sunday roasting joints to other multi-award winning sausages.

All of our sausages are manufactured on site in small batches from a minimum of 85% free range Dingley Dell Pork.




Hobson's Choice


Italian Sausage
( with a bit of a kick ! )

sausage 1.jpg

Granny Adams Sausages With 

Every week we add one or more other varieties which have included Boerwors, Merguez, Smokey Maple with Chilli and Garlic, Red Onion Marmalade, or anything that catches our imagination.

As well as the Hobson's Choice English breakfast sausage, we always have traditional herby bangers, and our famous coarse ground continental style Italian Stallion sausage. This is a pure meat sausage flavoured with fennel seeds, garlic and chilli in the southern Italian style.

We use fresh ground spices and make all of our sausages from scratch and are happy to make bespoke sausages according to customers specifications (minimum order 3kg) and we make gluten free sausages to order.

To shop the whole sausage range, visit our Cambridge shop.

We'll be happy to assist you with any queries and special orders.

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